Nutty the Squirrel

The Animal Race

Deep in the autumn woods, where crispy leafs fell from the branches and mud squelched, the animals played. One day the animals decided to have a race through the woods.
“Let’s have a race to pass the time” called out Harriet the horse.
“There’s no point. I’ll win” said Eyan the Eagle smugly.
“It will be fun” squeaked Chippy the Mouse.
“I like apples!!” shouted the insane pig, Percy.
“Let’s do it!” said Bristle the Hedgehog.
“On your marks, get set, GO!” Shouted Nutty the Squirrel.

The Animal Race Start

So the animals set off! Harriet galloped off in the lead, her mane blowing in the wind. Eyan was just behind Harriet, he glided down to try and distract Harriet from looking ahead so she would hopefully bump into something.
“You’re rubbish!” Eyan said naughtily.
“I’m better than you! I’m winn- OWWW!” cried Harriet as she hit her head against an oak tree.

Harriet the Horse

Eyan laughed as he continued to fly in first place. Percy was dancing and prancing through lakes, not concentrating on coming first. But Percy was having a great time splashing in the shimmering water, and rolling in the squelchy mud, while the others were concentrating on taking first place.

Chippy was sly, he slipped through small gaps and holes coming in third place after Harriet, who was still going determined to beat Eyan, and then Bristle shuffled along trying to keep up with the others while Percy happily skipped in last place, but didn’t care he was losing at all.

Soon they came across a muddy swamp, and there was no way round it. Eyan’s talons skimmed the dirty bog as Harriet got stuck in it, she couldn’t canter through it because it was so thick and it made her go slower. Chippy bounced from lily pad to lily pad now coming second. Bristle rolled down a steep hill and leaped over the swamp, still in a ball, coming in fourth place.

Eventually they came across a thorn bush. All of them stopped trying to figure how to get past this obstacle, apart from Bristle, who had his prickly spikes to shield him from the thorns.

Bristle the Hedgehog

Harriet jumped over it coming second, just behind Bristle. Eyan tried to fly over it but his talons got stuck underneath a spiky branch. Chippy got a bit stuck here, and ended up legging it right through the thorn bush, getting all injured and sore.

Eyan was coming in last place!!? He couldn’t believe it! He was truly stuck and there was absolutely no way out! Meanwhile Percy pig was long off. Still dancing around chasing butterflies.

The next obstacle was a maze. A truly puzzled maze that seemed impossible to get through. Chippy staggered along finally catching up. While Harriet decided just to gallop at full speed round corners until she found the finish line which was in the the centre of the maze. Harriet was off! She sprinted and she cantered round corners and she really thought she was going to make it! But when she skidded round the next corner to her surprise she bashed right into a dead end and got her head stuck! Meanwhile Chippy was stumbling behind, bleeding all over.
“Ouch!” Chippy squealed as he tried to keep up with Harriet and Bristle.

Chippy the Mouse

Bristle was coming in second place, rolling through the maze always bumping into dead ends. Meanwhile Percy was still chasing his beautiful butterfly. The beautiful butterfly led Percy into the Mysterious Maze, flying round corners, down paths, but strangely they didn’t bump into ANY dead ends… Percy was racing now practically flying like the butterfly, until… there he was! In he centre of the maze!! He had won!

Percy the Insane Pig

“You’ve won! You’ve won! You’ve won!” Cried Nutty the Squirrel, punching the air with a brown flag in his left claw. Percy’s lips quivered, as his eyes started to water… Suddenly “WAAAAAH!!” He screamed, bursting into tears.
“No no, it’s not SAD Percy, it’s happy! It’s great! You’ve won!” Nutty happily said with a great big smile on his face, showing off his ginormous teeth.
“It’s not that” Percy wailed.
“Oh, then what is it?” Replied Nutty scratching his head.
“The butterfly! It’s gone!” Percy cried.
“Oh” said Nutty, “typical, typical Percy.” And Nutty was right, this WAS typical Percy.”

Suddenly Harriet galloped in, with leafs all over her head. “Have I won, have I won?” panted Harriet, coming in second place.
“I’m afraid not!” shouted Nutty, “our winner is right here!” he exclaimed, pointing at Percy playing with the lost butterfly.
“You’re kidding.” Harriet mumbled under her breath.

In third place came Bristle, looking very dizzy after bumping into lots of dead ends.
“Bristle! Well done! Third place!” shouted Nutty.
Bristle gave a wobbly smile, he was too dizzy to speak or even give a whoop.

Finally a poor and injured Chippy emerged from the mist.
“Ahhhhh, Chippy. At last. Congratulations! Fourth place!” said Nutty, jumping up and down.
Chippy gave a little sigh of joy, then flopped on the ground, face first in pain. “Ouch!” squealed Nutty, practically feeling Chippy’s pain.

Eventually, after a long wait, there he was, the egotistical eagle, who always won everything, coming in last place.
“LOSER!” shouted Nutty, cracking up at his own silly joke. Eyan looked ENTIRELY unamused.

Eyan the Egotistical Eagle

“I’m just kidding Eyan, you still did well, you ALL did well, ESPECIALLY Percy.” said Nutty, starting to calm down. All the animals smiled at each other, and then hugged each other in a big circle.
The Animal Race Finish


My Mummy

A Mother’s Day Poem

She makes me laugh,

She makes me smile,

I tend to cry if I don’t see her for a while,

That’s right – she’s my Mummy.

She’s like a light to lighten the dark,

She’s like a dolphin to scare off the shark,

That’s right – she’s my Mummy.

When I’m near her I know I’m safe,

Within her I have great faith,

That’s right – she’s my Mummy.

She’s silly but gentle,

Sometimes crazy and mental,

That’s right – she’s my Mummy.

She’s no-one else’s yes she’s totally mine!

There’s nothing I’d ever change about her, she’s perfectly fine,

That’s right – she’s my Mummy

Happy Mother’s Day Mummy from Emily.

The blurb

Through the Crack in the Door

Splitter splatter went the rain on the window. Tommy was in one of his sullen moods. Tommy’s mum spotted him by the window and could tell he was bored.

“There’s a surprise for you upstairs love,” said his mum in a sweet and motherly voice. Tommy sighed and slumped up the stairs to see his bedroom door opened just a crack.

“A crack in the door,” he wondered. “How mysterious,” he thought. “There could be ANYTHING in there.”

But instead of opening the door and entering the world of boring reality Tommy decided to open a different door. A door to his imagination. Through the crack in the door there could be a cold and gloomy cave where the bones of Captain Hook lay undiscovered for countless centuries, encrusted with dust. Maybe there could also be a hidden and abandoned treasure chest filled with rubies, amethysts, sparkling emeralds and dazzling sapphires. Maybe, in the shadows of the cave there were spirits drifting, waiting to steal the souls of young boys. Tommy trembled.

Or an old fashioned candy land packed full of fresh peppermints and delicious cinnamon buns, with crunchy gingerbread houses with squashy marshmallows for cosy beds, where little candy floss clouds float around in the sugary sky. And don’t you DARE forget the scrumptious candy canes, with their shining stripes! Tommy licked his lips.

Tommys roowm

Or maybe there could be a grassy plain where the magnificent giraffes flutter their ridiculously long eye lashes, while they chew delicious leaves. And where the clumsy but fierceome elephants play and joke around, splashing and spraying water from their trunks. Or where a lazy lion named Benga is taking a marathon “cat nap,” after devouring an innocent deer. Tommy shivered with excitement.

Or there could be the amazing and wonderous SPACE where the green aliens use their weird but complex technology, while orbiting Saturn and Mars with their cool space ships, speaking Googleanise. And maybe there could be a space ship waiting for Tommy,waiting to pick him up and swoop him up into space to be given a tour of the shining stars and planets. Tommy’s eyes widened.

Or there could be an underwater world, with the waving grass and the dancing dolphins and threatening teenage sharks bullying the poor and tiny fish as they wiggle away, scared to death. Would the sharks come for him? Anything could be through the crack in the door.

“Well are you going to AT LEAST open the door sweetie?” came the sudden and soft voice of Tommy’s mum, awaking him from his marvelous day dream.

“I can’t,” he said. “It would ruin the surprise.”


Stopping Time

Ellie always got distracted when it came to doing her homework.

Her brother always watched TV when he got home from school so that was a distraction and her baby sister always cried, her mum always chatted, the dog was always barking and her dad was always on the computer but Ellie could hear him clicking on the keys so that became a distraction too. Ellie never managed to finish her homework.


One day when it was almost the end of the evening when Ellie was supposed to do her homework she thought ‘Well it’s too late to do my homework now, but … if there was only a way to stop time … Wait! Hold on, it’s simple! The clock makes time so all I have to do is stop the clock! That way I could get it done in a jiffy!”

Ellie stood up on the table, trying to reach the clock. “ELLIE!” screeched her mum “GET DOWN!”

“Don’t worry … I’ve got it all planned out” said Ellie. She stood on her tippy-toes and pulled some extra sharp scissors out of her pocket and chopped off the big hand! … but … nothing changed!

Everyone was still moving. Dad was still typing away, the dog was still barking. Ellie had learned a lesson. Now she knows that she will have to get on with her homework in the time she’s got.