About EmilyWorld!

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I bet you’re wondering what my website is all about.
Well, this is a place where i can write my stories and put up my drawings, and i can also put videos up of me singing my songs.
And the good thing is that you can see it too!
There will be pages where i can teach you how to draw like me!
Mostly i like to draw people and animals.
My fave animal to draw are dinosaurs.
I’m eight nine years old and my fave food is spaghetti!
Thank you for reading my welcome page.

8 thoughts on “About EmilyWorld!

  1. Lovely story about the race, Emily. And wonderful vocabulary! Very exciting!

    All our love and hope to see you soon.

  2. Hello, Emily!!!! Hello from Moscow! Me and Daniil like your EMILYWORLD very much! It is very bright and interesting! The design is perfect! So, good luck to you with your stories !!!!! Hope to see you soon!!!
    Julia and Daniil.

  3. Hello Emily. We are enjoying reading [and re-reading] your interesting and amazing writing. You give us enormous pleasure when we explore your world of stories and impressive drawings.
    Lots of love from Luda and granddad. xx

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