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Cool Cucumber loses his cool

Pesky Potato is trying to get some attention, but no-one is interested

Cool cucumber doesn’t have to try – everyone thinks he’s cool already

Pesky Potato has an idea

He steals the shades!

Now everybody thinks he’s cool
but he’s not, is he?

Poor old Cool Cucumber

He tries some new shades, but they don’t work

I hope he gets his cool back…

More Foodie Fun coming soon!

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Meet the Foodies


Anxious Apple
Anxious Apple – he’s always worrying…

The Bad Beans
Watch out! It’s the Bad Beans!

Ballistic Banana
Ballistic Banana is in a hurry

Beautiful Broccoli
Beautiful Broccoli – she could be a film star!

The Cheeky Cherries
The Cheeky Cherries – not as bad as the Bad Beans but still quite naughty…

Kind Courgette
Kind Courgette is nice to everyone

Cool Cucumber
Cool cucumber – just chillin’

Cruel Carrot
Don’t mess with the Cruel Carrot!

Dozey Donut
Wake up you Dozey Donut!

Funny Fig
The Funny Fig – LOL

Incredible Ice Cream
We love Incredible Ice Cream

Lonely Leek
Cheer up Lonely Leek

Lovely Lollipop
Lovely Lollipop looks lovely!

Moody Mushroom
Moody Mushroom – he’s just an old Grump!

Organised Orange
If you need something organised – call Organised Orange!

Perfect Peas
The Perfect Peas – what the Bad Beans might have bean..

Pesky Potato
The Pesky Potato – he needs peeling!

Super Sweet
Not just any old sweet – it’s Super Sweet!

Tidy Tomato
He’s tidy and he’s a tomato – he’s Tidy Tomato!

Lots of Foodies adventures coming soon!

dinosaur head

How to Draw a Dinosaur (like Emily)

1. First you draw a curvy line like this:
Draw a Dinosaur 1
(draw it a bit bigger)

2.Draw a line underneath but leave a little space like this:
Draw a Dinosaur 2

3. Then do a curvy line coming down like this:
Draw a Dinosaur 3

4. Then join it up like this:
Draw a Dinosaur 4

5. Next put some spiky teeth like this:
Draw a Dinosaur 5

6. After that, draw a small circle on the face like this:
Draw a Dinosaur 6

7. Finally put a little dot in the circle like this:
Draw a Dinosaur 7

8. Ta Dar! Now you have your very own dinosaur face!
Next i’ll show you how to colour it in

Draw a Dinosaur 8