Stopping Time

Ellie always got distracted when it came to doing her homework.

Her brother always watched TV when he got home from school so that was a distraction and her baby sister always cried, her mum always chatted, the dog was always barking and her dad was always on the computer but Ellie could hear him clicking on the keys so that became a distraction too. Ellie never managed to finish her homework.


One day when it was almost the end of the evening when Ellie was supposed to do her homework she thought ‘Well it’s too late to do my homework now, but … if there was only a way to stop time … Wait! Hold on, it’s simple! The clock makes time so all I have to do is stop the clock! That way I could get it done in a jiffy!”

Ellie stood up on the table, trying to reach the clock. “ELLIE!” screeched her mum “GET DOWN!”

“Don’t worry … I’ve got it all planned out” said Ellie. She stood on her tippy-toes and pulled some extra sharp scissors out of her pocket and chopped off the big hand! … but … nothing changed!

Everyone was still moving. Dad was still typing away, the dog was still barking. Ellie had learned a lesson. Now she knows that she will have to get on with her homework in the time she’s got.

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