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Through the Crack in the Door

Splitter splatter went the rain on the window. Tommy was in one of his sullen moods. Tommy’s mum spotted him by the window and could tell he was bored.

“There’s a surprise for you upstairs love,” said his mum in a sweet and motherly voice. Tommy sighed and slumped up the stairs to see his bedroom door opened just a crack.

“A crack in the door,” he wondered. “How mysterious,” he thought. “There could be ANYTHING in there.”

But instead of opening the door and entering the world of boring reality Tommy decided to open a different door. A door to his imagination. Through the crack in the door there could be a cold and gloomy cave where the bones of Captain Hook lay undiscovered for countless centuries, encrusted with dust. Maybe there could also be a hidden and abandoned treasure chest filled with rubies, amethysts, sparkling emeralds and dazzling sapphires. Maybe, in the shadows of the cave there were spirits drifting, waiting to steal the souls of young boys. Tommy trembled.

Or an old fashioned candy land packed full of fresh peppermints and delicious cinnamon buns, with crunchy gingerbread houses with squashy marshmallows for cosy beds, where little candy floss clouds float around in the sugary sky. And don’t you DARE forget the scrumptious candy canes, with their shining stripes! Tommy licked his lips.

Tommys roowm

Or maybe there could be a grassy plain where the magnificent giraffes flutter their ridiculously long eye lashes, while they chew delicious leaves. And where the clumsy but fierceome elephants play and joke around, splashing and spraying water from their trunks. Or where a lazy lion named Benga is taking a marathon “cat nap,” after devouring an innocent deer. Tommy shivered with excitement.

Or there could be the amazing and wonderous SPACE where the green aliens use their weird but complex technology, while orbiting Saturn and Mars with their cool space ships, speaking Googleanise. And maybe there could be a space ship waiting for Tommy,waiting to pick him up and swoop him up into space to be given a tour of the shining stars and planets. Tommy’s eyes widened.

Or there could be an underwater world, with the waving grass and the dancing dolphins and threatening teenage sharks bullying the poor and tiny fish as they wiggle away, scared to death. Would the sharks come for him? Anything could be through the crack in the door.

“Well are you going to AT LEAST open the door sweetie?” came the sudden and soft voice of Tommy’s mum, awaking him from his marvelous day dream.

“I can’t,” he said. “It would ruin the surprise.”

8 thoughts on “Through the Crack in the Door

  1. I love this story Emily ! Your vocabulary is amazing and I love the clarity with which you described the worlds through the crack in the door. Well done !

  2. It is a lovely and interesting story, Emily. It shows the power of imagination and how wonderful it is to use it. Very well done, Emily. We will always look forward to your imaginative escapes in your future writing.

  3. We love this story Emily and wish you lots of luck in the competition you deserve to do well with this. We really did enjoy it – I like the end part, gives it an air of mystery! :)

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